I have invested in the wrong launchpad

Hi guys,
So i have invested in Estate Dao launch pad for 2 weeks ago and i have no idea about how the launchpad works i put my 62,18 ICP and now it’s worth 2 ICP, i’m 17 year old new to crypto space and i work after school to save my to invest in good project than i found ICP and i accumulate under 8 dollar all my saving and now it’s worth nothing! what i thought about this launch pad is i thought i will get back my ICP and get some airdrop for farming it than i release i won’t be able to get my ICP back, i have tried to spoke with the team i got no responds i tried to speak in the telegram group and i got no help! please guys if anyone can help me to get my ICP back it’s very hard for me i work so hard to build that much ICP and i know it’s nothing for someone who has been in this space for long time but i’m new in this space i start crypto in august 2023, appricate everyone. thanks for understanding