I have encountered a development problem

As the title suggests, I have encountered a difficulty developing on Dfinity. The problem is something like this.

Firstly, I have deployed a website by referring to the official tutorial: https://3an2q-oyaaa-aaaam-aaa7q-cai.raw.ic0.app/

You can perform the hello every operation on it.

But when I want to update the front-end content of my website, I refer to the search results on Google that tell me I should first

dfx build

I also executed it twice and got two new container identifiers at the same time

However, when I execute update, the compiler reports an error, telling me that the wasm module cannot be found, as shown in the picture.

What should I do?

I just modified the logo.png file in the sample code and replaced it with PlatON’s logo.png, so I encountered this situation, please help me :sob: :sob: :sob:

add the --network ic flag to your command to deploy to the mainnet.

dfx canister --network ic install --all --mode upgrade

Easier would be to just run

dfx deploy --network ic

which builds and installs your canister in one go.

hello https://3an2q-oyaaa-aaaam-aaa7q-cai.raw.ic0.app/ this website is update, but the front isn’t change, how can I do?

this is what it looks like for me, maybe the old website is still cached? try a hard refresh :slight_smile:

waoooo! this is update! thank u very much! I love Dfinity!!!