As a newby attempting to create an identity has been problematic . Have attempted a number of browsers including brave, firefox and chromium . The browsers have been tried on Android and x86 64 bit systems . The network is up and has megabit upload, download and have my ip address unhidden .
Is the WASM protocol extant .
Thanks in advance for advice .


Could you share some info on what happens when you try to create an identity?

Yes . All browers on two devices say the system is in the process of authenticating following an answer to the question a new user is required . Following this the system does nothing once this request is in process .

Here are the steps I can take. How far do you get?

It looks like you’re using Brave on Android.

I know things are different there but on iOS I couldn’t get Brave to work and had to use Safari. Brave only works for me on macOS.

That is shields are down on brave . Firefox does the same with no apps preventing interference as does Chromium . No activity . Does WASM , WASI need special permissions besides the browser authentication ? Thanks in advance .

According to this, Firefox Nightly is the only browser on Android that supports WebAuthn at the moment: Android brave browser unable to authenticate - #4 by kpeacock

Yes have done the name for the device on both platforms .
With multiple browsers . Still no success .

Ok will try that . Cheers

FWIW, this says Android Browser v91 and Chrome for Android v91 support WebAuthn: "WebAuthn" | Can I use... Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc

Yes have the latest chrome .

Ok success . Downloaded Firefox nightly on Android .
Only worked when giving permissions to app store for storage .
Would be good to have a dedicated browser for the IC if it looks to distribute a new Internet stack , unless it wishes goog to have a key role ?

I think needing to install a dedicated browser would create more barriers to entry, along the same lines as needing to install browser extensions for Ethereum.

In the post about Firefox Nightly I linked to, @kpeacock said:

Google has been pretty bad about supporting WebAuthn from competing browsers on Android. So far only Firefox Nightly is the only browser that supports the tech.

So it seems like a dedicated browser would be subject to that as well.

A way to link a CLI to a dedicated ICP browser . The onboarding simpler ? That is any onboarding download the initiating browser a few megs followed by the advertisement as to why the browser a few hundred megs for IC engagement to the fullest ? JMT Cheers

The ICP browser is appropriate to each " jurisdiction " ?
Does a browser such as this accept each Countries jurisdiction as far as limiting local " engagement " for user , business and organizations for each place ? A good place for discussion .
My URL and Virtuallocal Pty Ltd Company as a Registered Trademark is potentially a good starting point .
Location, location , location . A thought .

This might interest you: Plans for “Endorphin,” a Free and Open Crypto OS for Smartphones and Other End-User Devices | by Dominic Williams | The Internet Computer Review | May, 2021 | Medium

Yes have seen this . Reaching out to esim manufacturers and phone manufacturers atm !
Big opportunity here . JMT

Esim’s for edge devices like watches and other wearables is one example . Esims are interesting only a few like ST who we are in direct contact with . This potential blockchain distribution is " incredible " . The " edge " IOT is another . a startup . Virtuallocal Pty Ltd . Virtual local a Registered Trademark .

Chrome works fine on Android. Brave doesn’t implement the WebAuthn standard yet. I’d stick to Chrome for now.

First ever on firefox . So atm firefox nightly works as long as you give permissions to storage on goog app . Yet to confirm on x86 64 . Chrome did not work for initial authentication , autherization .