Android brave browser unable to authenticate

On an Android device i can login with dfinity identity using chrome but am unable to login when using brave browser on Android. I’ve added the phone fingerprint as the auth device and can login with chrome browser but not brave.

I get the following error on brave. Is this a known issue?

Failed to authenticate

We failed to authenticate you using your security device. If this is the first time you’re trying to log in with this device, you have to add it as a new device first.

Error details

The operation either timed out or was not allowed. See: Web Authentication: An API for accessing Public Key Credentials - Level 2.

Try again


Right now only Chrome is supported for Android
For IOS - Chrome , Safari and Firefox is supported

Why isn’t brave supported ? It’s my primary browser. will it be supported in the future? Ironically it’s the only browser not controlled by big tech companies.
The internet computer is frequently marketing itself as an alternative solution to relying on big tech and urging people to build on in to displace big tech monopolies. And yet it doesn’t support the one browser offering an alternative to big tech?

It’s definitely not our choice. Google has been pretty bad about supporting WebAuthn from competing browsers on Android. So far only Firefox Nightly is the only browser that supports the tech.


my chrome browser unable to authenticate on android(galaxy note).
http error 500. is there some solution for this??

If there in the future IC have own browser or OS for phones? Thx for answer

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