How to transfer InternetComputer-neuron-hotkey?

I want to use rust code
to transfer of InternetComputer-neuron-hotkey
from one IC account to another account
and provide this interface to the frontend,
what should I do ?
I found that js can do this, but rust not found yet.

hotkeys are ‘identities’ added to control neurons. You don’t transfer them. You can add as many identities to a neuron as you want. Delete the previous hotkey and add a new one (You can say that’s a transfer of a hotkey) But hotkeys don’t own the neuron (if that’s what you think), not sure why you would want that.
In Rust, you need to use the governance canister interface and make the right calls.


I’m digging up an old topic to ask a question about removing Hotkeys from neurons.
In a situation where I am a neuron controller, I can freely modify who is the Hotkey for my neuron, but if someone adds my principal ID as their Hotkey, it becomes impossible to remove it (at least from the NNS Dapp level).
How to remove yourself as a Hotkey without permission? I’ am writing only about NNS neurons because I haven’t noticed such a problem with SNSs.

If I understand you correctly, you do not want to be a hotkey of a neuron controlled by another principal, but other than being able to operate extra neurons, what concrete harm is this causing? Can you just ignore it? Seems benign, but maybe I’m missing something.

Why I ask: we could change NNS (governance) so that hotkeys can remove themselves (from neurons that they don’t control). However, if not being able to do that is not causing any “real” harm, I would recommend that we (the NNS team) not spend time working on that.

If someone in the community would like to implement such changes, one tip I can offer is to start looking here.