How should neuron's hotkey be used at the code level?

I’ve heard that binding a hotkey gives you access to some non-public information about the neuron, which I’m curious about, but haven’t looked up any documentation on its use.
How exactly can I find documentation that explains the neuron’s hotkey?

Hi @e274426380

I’ve searched through our documentation and found these two hot key explanations:

  1. Internet Computer Loading
  2. Internet Computer Loading

I hope these help in what ever amount they can, but could you clarify which type of documentation you are looking for? Would you like high level concepts of what a hot key is and their role in the system, or are you looking for a technical tutorial on how to set hot keys and how applications can use them?

Thank your reply.
My question has been addressed in another posting.
With the ic-js library I can manipulate neurons in the principalID that is authorised by hotkey.
This practice has helped me to understand the nature of hotkey and how to apply it on the code layer. :wink:

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