NNS neuron management enhancements


I would like to request enhancements for more fine grained management of NNS neurons be supported.

  1. Ability to move an NNS neuron to be hardware wallet controlled.

  2. Ability to transfer NNS neuron to another identity.

  3. Splitting locked neurons

People can already purchase Internet Identities with NNS neurons on idGeek. I can’t see why we shouldn’t be able to move the NNS neuron to another identity. For example, I bought an identity with 2 NNS neurons, I would like to be able to transfer 1 of the neurons to another identity so that if I want to sell in future through idGeek I can choose which neuron I want to sell. I would also prefer that these neurons be under hardware wallet control for further security.

I can’t see why these enhancements can’t be supported. It would provide more fine grained control for investors to manage their investment. I understand one of the arguments for not supporting features like this was that people would sell their neurons, as I said NNS neurons are already for sale on idGeek albeit by purchasing an entire internet identity. If the neuron is already locked and staking then it’s just a transfer of ownership.


True, the ability to transfer neurons to another identity is much needed.

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Would really love for this to happen especially moving Neurons to a Hardwallet controlled Neuron !

I have seen a lot of discussions about this topic, but I think this is not possible in NNS. If it were possible, it would be the first steps for real WEP3, because internet identity needs to go down in history, like a unique country.

Code can always be changed