Canister Principal - ICP address


I have sent from Coinbase 2 ICP to my Canister Principal address.
Have no canister yet, actually sending ICP to the my Principal was not mine first intention I wanted to send ICP the my staking account (Neuron) but I confused the address obviouly.

so my question is : Where these ICP gone as I can not see them on the Canister page as Paid or Available cycles.

Many thanks in advance for your support.
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It is not clear from what you wrote above. So let me ask this question instead, which address did you send your ICP to? You can paste it here (or a link to the transaction record on

My second question is, where did you get this address?

Hello Paul,

Thank you for your follow up.
Please see below the “Where I have found this address”.


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Just noticing as I have pasted the address it has been converted or I wonder what happen to a valid address but not equal to my Principal… Weird, instead of failing… Grrr

Well my bad, just tried again and copy pasting the principal actually returns an error as invalid address… well no clue from where I got this ICP address… sorry for being some dumb :slight_smile:

No problem! Indeed principal ids can’t be used as an account to receive ICPs. So the error is expected.

You can look up your ICP sending/receiving history on by typing an account id in the search box. Alternatively if you used an exchange like coin base, they also provide transaction histories to help you identify a transaction.

Yes, I have search to receiver address and found worrying Reddit post:

this exact address was mention and I am pretty sure I did a copy/paste from the Principal… Ouch still not getting it.

note that the prior still has 8.5million icp in it but sent 100k ICP to coinbase and 900k ICP to whatever exchange is 4dfa940def17f1427ae47378c440f10185867677109a02bc8374fc25b9dee8af

Thank for your support.


From the transaction history of this account, it very likely belongs to an exchange.

Paul, Yes, it has a lot of transaction. Maybe coinbase has fixed a bug as if you give a wrong address it defaults to their own :face_with_diagonal_mouth: - only other thing is that I just had installed the Plug wallet, could they have a default “to” address so Chrome has “replaced” the field value… Well it’s too late now, I did another ICP transfer and it worked as expected. KR. Laurent