How to create an id?So frustrated!

Seriously, this is the worst experience compared to other projects at this market cap level. I can’t find useful info on All telegram channels! All they are talking is price,price,price! Some of ppl from the team blamed ppl for this… A team with 200 ppl, with millions of dollars financing, can’t maintain a regular community channel like other projects and you guys blame investors for all the negative sentiment. I try to create an id on several times. I know there must be TPM chips on the hardwares. But all failed. Android phone, iphone and even my win10-pc. I looked through all the info about identity in this forum and reddit. Even in these only two live channels, the team members rarely help ppl out.

Here are our official docs: How to use the Internet Identity :: Internet Computer

For now, your best bet if your current hardware isn’t working is to purchase a Fido security key and use it if you need to use Internet Identity.

Depending on what you need from Internet Identity, there may be alternatives, such as Stoic Wallet Stoic Wallet for the Internet Computer by Toniq Labs

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For me the issue was I had to use chrome on android instead of Brave, and then I had to make sure my phone was set up with a fingerprint scanner to unlock.

Unfortunately, identity registration just throws cryptic errors instead of telling you specifically what’s wrong, as was the case for the above two issues.

@crimealone can you describe the nature of the failure on iPhone? That’s what I have, so maybe I can help.

I used a MacBook Pro with Touch ID scanner. That worked. My other computer without fingerprint scanner does not work. It keeps asking, “Insert your security key and activate to continue.” So, I guess you need to get one of those USB drives that have that. It’s a good security feature that ties you and your devices to the Internet ID. No more trolling!

If you are hosting a local dfx instance, you need to also host your own Internet Identity canister, and route authentications to that. If you are hosting on the mainnet, then you can use Otherwise it will time out.