How to add or attach a pic for NFT

I am looking at EXT NFT standard, but still not sure how to attach picture for a NFT.
Any idea?


You could store the picture(s) in a separate storage canister and add the “access” information of the storage as metadata

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Thanks! There should be some standard metadata, right? Otherwise wallet won’t show the picture.


Looking for the same extendable-token/ at main · Toniq-Labs/extendable-token · GitHub

What is the metadata field?

dfx canister call erc721 mintNFT “(record { to = (variant { “principal” = principal “myprinc” }); “metadata” = blob “somedata” } )”

This does not work and I am wondering why it is type Blob?

How do you do that?

Isn’t it better that the image is added in the same token?

You can this code.NFT-Standard/ at main · xiaoyuanxun/NFT-Standard · GitHub
It may be a wonderful choice.
It combines GitHub - rocklabs-io/ic-nft: Non-fungible token standard for the DFINITY Internet Computer and GitHub - Di-Box/Bucket
The most unique place is that you can store your tokenmetadata in the canister at a fast speed

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and you just need let the location be the #assetcanister : (Principal, Blob)

very helpful, thanks!

I guess, metadata can be any type of data(prime, json, file, image…)