Resource and Support recommendation for NFT Mint

Hello, I am working on NFT Minting, but the resources I have found are insufficient. Is there anyone who can suggest a resource or provide an example project? The resources I found and examined are as follows and unfortunately they are not enough, I could not understand and use them because I am just starting out. If there is a video tutorial or if you want to make a small how-to video, please help.
Sources I found:

Here’s two more links:

  • Me describing a few things about NFTs in this workshop
  • The explanation (and links to the NFT canister) for the canisters the experimental minting tool is supposed to interact with

In addition the Motoko Bootcamp has a lecture on Tokens and NFTs (Video).

I’m trying to progress like here I got “dip721-nft-container” and “nft-wallet” from the repo here and I was progressing according to this video and I’m getting an error like this

Make sure you’re in the correct folder with your terminal when you want to deploy a canister. If you want to deploy it locally for testing, you need to run dfx start first. To sum up:

  • cd into the project you want to deploy, e.g. ~/Desktop/ICP/proje/dip721-nft-container (this directory should contain a dfx.json file
  • run dfx start --clean --background to spin up a local replica in the background where the canister is being deployed to
  • run your dfx deploy ..... command to deploy the canister

killall dfx && rm -rf .dfx

and restart dfx + deploy again after that :smile:

After doing “dfx start --clean --background” and "dfx deploy ", I ran this code I wrote and got this error

After what you said, I wrote the code in the video and this time I got this error

well it says right there what you need to do, you need to agree to xcode license agreements.

how can i do this please help

it says right there in your screenshot:
sudo xcodebuild -license

unfortunately it didn’t work