IC-NFT: a new NFT standard provide full traceability and verifiability

ic-nft is a new NFT token standard with full transaction history support, thus all tokens and their metadata are traceable and verifiable.
Open an issue or make a PR if you have any suggestions!


Thank you for sharing.

Apologies if off topic, but reminded me of this. :slight_smile:


Yeah I’m starting to think we need input from DFINITY to make progress on these token standards.

I don’t think Ethereum would’ve got ERC-20 out in the time that it did without Vitalik’s input.

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" value = \"a.link/0 " What does it mean or what does it refer to? in

dfx canister --no-wallet call token_ERC721 mint "'($ALICE_PUBLIC_KEY, record { filetype = \"jpg\"; location = variant {IPFS = \"hash0\"}; attributes = vec {record {key = \"url\"; value = \"a.link/0\"}}})'"