Integrate ICRC-1 to Bitfinity wallet

Hello everyone!

I deployed ICRC-1 standard token logo successfully.

Next is to add logo to bitfinity wallet and integrate bitfinity wallet to frontend.

I tried to find any solution on internet but can’t find.
If anyone have experience, Please let me know solution.
If there is a source code of it, it will be helpful.

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Hey there,

We have a repo called Token Lists where you can add the metadata. All you need to do is create a pull request changing the tokenlists.json file and add a link to the logo which you should include in the repo. I’ve included an example.

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Hi @Maxfinity.

I have a question.
What is index_canister?
I am trying to add custom token logo on bitfinity wallet.

Can you explain about index_canister in tokenlist.json file?

Best Regrads

The index canister is for token transaction history. It shouldn’t be needed if you haven’t deployed it.