How do I create my own NNS page?

I’m not happy with the existing NNS pages, and would like to make some modifications to use them myself, but can’t find out where I can develop based on NNS.

Currently, there isn’t much documentation available, except for the code itself. However, if you’re looking to develop your own solution, you can start and make use of the ic-js libraries suite (, which we use in the dapp to interact with various services and canisters.

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@e274426380 how would you improve the nns pages? It’d be great to incorporate your feedback.

Let’s say I have multiple neurons and want to change the hotkey for each neuron, it all needs to be done manually for each neuron, not all at once.

Thanks for your reply, this github library is really very very useful for me.
Thanks again for your reply. :grin:

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