Hello, is there a tutorial from scratch, to create NFT from Rust?

In the official documentation there is nothing about NFT.

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Thanks for the link, but it doesn’t say how to use it.

Let’s say I create my project “cargo new nft_rust_dapp”

Whats Next? where do I implement DIP721? inside “ntf_rust_dapp”

In which directory are the image.png stored? which is the file where the configuration is written, the description.

I am new, I did not find this information in the documentation.


Hi looking at https://github.com/Psychedelic/DIP721/blob/main/nft/scripts/test.sh , the command to create the nft: "dfx deploy nft --argument '(main \"$main\" , \"tkn\", \"token\", main \"$cap_main\")'" . I have the doubt of where the image that would be the nft is placed?