Proposal 128350 to upgrade the NNS dapp

Happy Friday ICP community!

Proposal 128350 to upgrade the NNS dapp just went live, please consider voting. :ballot_box:

This proposal includes some minor UI improvements, fixes and a welcome change to sort neurons from largest to lowest stake, so that you can better manage your neurons. In the future, are plans to add sorting, and more useful metrics for better visibility.

Change Log


  • Load ICP transactions from ICP index canister instead of nns-dapp.
  • More readable error messages if assert_eq fails in tests.
  • Order neurons from highest to lowest stake on the neurons page.
  • Main navigation text changes.
  • Minor text changes.
  • Main menu icons and style changes.

See more details in the proposal.


Nice. I noticed that the bug where you’d receive ICP and it wouldn’t update until you refreshed the page has been fixed.

Did the tiny rounding error with Dissolve Delay get fixed? It was a situation where you’d have neurons with delays like :

2 years 11 hours
2 years 12 hours
2 years 11 hours
2 years 12 hours

and you couldn’t update the 11 hours to 12 because it would error out.

If we can’t delete neurons can we at least get an archive feature?

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Not sure, let me ask the team, thanks for bringing it up!

Could you please give us more details to help reproduce the bug?

I can’t really reproduce it, it’s only for my max-length locked neurons in the SNS. Also, it appears to be non-deterministic, either succeeding or producing one or two errors.

click the top left neuron and increase to max (which is the same value as is pre-filled in the box)

Attempt 1 : Success

Attempt 2 : (second Neuron) …

Attempt 3 : (second Neuron) …

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