Excessive share of community fund participation in SNS

catalyze only needs to contribute 250,000 ICP to get 400,000 ICP funds from CF.
Why not just let CF fully wrap the soft cap? XD

Yeah the Neurons’ fund is def an issue. I don’t really participate in it but I can see how a team with enough capital can create several neurons and steal from the honeypot. I mean they would need to be approved by the community first, but after that they can fund enough of it to secure the rest. Most of it will be in locked neurons though, and the NNS can then choose to defund it I guess. I really don’t know too much of how this works.

What happens if the NNS decides to undo capital raised? How many projects will be funded that participants from the Neuron Fund didn’t want to fund? This is all new because the community fund is locked right? How can people that locked into the Neurons’ fund unlock as as they don’t like the projects funded? I don’t know, this is all new.

1: Joining and leaving the CF

Using a tick-box in the NNS front-end dapp, a neuron can join and leave the CF at any time, including while there are proposals with ongoing voting periods.


That is good to know. One click away from not participating. I don’t see the issue we have with CF then?

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