Forum Rules and the Bullies

I would like to propose a policy change for Forum Rules. While you have them they don’t mean much to some and are not enforced, recently I received a message that was not within the forum rules and it also made me think twice about making any further comments.

I then had a couple of days to think about it and it seems to me while good people with productive ideas maybe unsure if they have a productive idea and may feel they might be asking a dumb question are detered by bulling comments which then the bullies win.

[communism is dead, let it be.]
a theory or system of social organization in which all property is owned by the community and each person contributes and receives according to their ability and needs.

Communism was a great idea but in reality it is not practiced as there are no guns being held to heads.

[how are you still pushing this after “months of research”?]
Yes, I am studying to understand and I should be applauded for my effort but no criticism.

[stop trying to fix a tesla by adding blinker fluid]
This is a substance abuse issue.

How about a more direct approach stating this site is for those who would like to further their understanding by asking questions for help and those who wish to criticize and make absurd comments should have penalty points awarded and then expelled from further comments.

Right now I feel those you want to ask questions won’t and those who shouldn’t are running rife.

Let’s get into the bully face as you let them in my.

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