Flashing screen issue on NNS App and II App - Android

Hey Team - when using the NNS App or Internet Identity on my Samsung S20 Plus on both the Chrome web browser & directly installed NNS mobile app, I am seeing white flashing artifacting across the entire screen when scrolling through pages. See attached images below.

Apps are still useable, but it makes experience bit jarring. Also, a lot of the text etc isn’t visible on the NNS app - wallet amounts, etc - the text just flows off the screen or doesn’t fit properly.

Understand this is all V1 stuff and is hard to optimize for every desktop browser and mobile experience - just wanted to make sure I reported it anyway :slight_smile:! If I’m seeing it, it means others will too.

I’ve attached images of the artifacting. I tried recording the screen but once I started recording it actually resolved the white artifacting issue. I tried adjusting the refresh rate between 60 - 120hz following, but that did not resolve. The screen recorder works at 60 fps. It does not matter if it’s recording or not, just having it overlayed resolves the issue. Very bizarre!