"DMail" A Messaging Service

Accepting suggestions for a better name :smile:

This weekend I hacked on a project I’m tentatively calling DMail!

My long term goal for DMail is to create an open service that:

  1. Creates a “telegram like” service that allows users to have near-realtime conversations with their friends, public groups.
  2. Developers can integrate into their apps to quickly facilitate communication with their users - think updates, bots, etc.

The Minimum Lovable Product includes (The weekend hack)

  • Principle based username registration.
  • Friend Requests
  • Permissioned DMs

Just finishing the UI for the MVP. Hopefully I’ll have a test version online for people to see soon.


Awesome, post your Candid when you get a chance, would like to see how you’re defining your interface. Also this is this a Steins gate reference?

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Will do! I can say the MVP interface is very purpose-built for the UI.

Ha, no its not! Maybe some better naming is needed lol.

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Hoping I’ll be able to publish the V1 tonight! One last bit of the frontend to do.


looking forward to experiencing its features :smile:

Alright everyone, the very rough version can be found here:



  • “Friending”
  • DM Conversations
  • A Global Chat (added this so it wouldn’t seem so lonely)
  • Bugs :slight_smile:

Known Bugs:
When you click “Message” on a contact, there isn’t any loading state.

This is a Demo. Expect Complete Data Loss.


Cool :sunglasses:

Are DMs encrypted?

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Not in this version. In the future they will be! I have two thoughts here:

  1. Toss the messages data bucket into the encrypted subnet when that comes out.
  2. Work out some pair encryption for secret chats.

Thanks for sharing, but why am I logged in by default as “Ham” ?

Hey @anthonymq - good question! There is a small issue I’m working out right now. Essentially, the IC injects a shared anonymous identity by default now. I’m working to figure out how I can provision identities for all visitors.


your information is very interesting and a good question but i am not idea.

Dmail just announced that they will be storing data on the Phala network. does this mean that storing data on the IC is not feasible.
why Dmail doesn’t store their data on IC. Can someone please explain this to me. Thanks


Nobody reply. Please

Good question… I wonder the same thing.


Good question. Sit tight. CCC also stores NFT in FIL

Could this be what you’re looking for?

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And DSocial stores it’s data on Arweave because the dev said storing/retrieve large data on IC is currently too cumbersome.

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need dmail nft to offset icp losses, please consider me