"DMail" A Messaging Service

Accepting suggestions for a better name :smile:

This weekend I hacked on a project I’m tentatively calling DMail!

My long term goal for DMail is to create an open service that:

  1. Creates a “telegram like” service that allows users to have near-realtime conversations with their friends, public groups.
  2. Developers can integrate into their apps to quickly facilitate communication with their users - think updates, bots, etc.

The Minimum Lovable Product includes (The weekend hack)

  • Principle based username registration.
  • Friend Requests
  • Permissioned DMs

Just finishing the UI for the MVP. Hopefully I’ll have a test version online for people to see soon.


Awesome, post your Candid when you get a chance, would like to see how you’re defining your interface. Also this is this a Steins gate reference?

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Will do! I can say the MVP interface is very purpose-built for the UI.

Ha, no its not! Maybe some better naming is needed lol.

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Hoping I’ll be able to publish the V1 tonight! One last bit of the frontend to do.


looking forward to experiencing its features :smile:

Alright everyone, the very rough version can be found here:



  • “Friending”
  • DM Conversations
  • A Global Chat (added this so it wouldn’t seem so lonely)
  • Bugs :slight_smile:

Known Bugs:
When you click “Message” on a contact, there isn’t any loading state.

This is a Demo. Expect Complete Data Loss.


Cool :sunglasses:

Are DMs encrypted?

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Not in this version. In the future they will be! I have two thoughts here:

  1. Toss the messages data bucket into the encrypted subnet when that comes out.
  2. Work out some pair encryption for secret chats.

Thanks for sharing, but why am I logged in by default as “Ham” ?

Hey @anthonymq - good question! There is a small issue I’m working out right now. Essentially, the IC injects a shared anonymous identity by default now. I’m working to figure out how I can provision identities for all visitors.