Suggestions for improving user experience

  1. I think it is necessary on the home page marked the location of the added DFINITY think enough safe browser plug-in wallet for novices to choose, at present only on account of the II eye-catching tips, but everyone realized II account on ecosystem interaction is not very convenient, In particular, the operation of NFT and tokens is very troublesome! This is the direct cause of hindering new users to enter the ecosystem! This advice comes from Twitter, where almost every ICP newbie can’t find the right wallet, they don’t even know how to look up the ICP ecosystem, and that’s the website design to blame!

  2. I think it is also necessary for each ecosystem to have a standard for wallets, such as II, which must be used. Adding a browser wallet, many projects only use II to log in, which is also the main reason for the lack of users in the ecosystem, because users are not loyal enough to spend time to create II accounts. But browser plugin wallets don’t have to cost more loyalty!

Summary down advice is: DFINITY shall bear the responsibilities of the referee, giving security and ease of plugins purse, and striking listed on the home page for users to download! As for the II account, usually people will only be used as a piggy bank, sns investment tool, not the first choice to interact with ecological projects! This is what I think is very necessary to adjust the user experience, please pay attention to this! If DFINITY thinks the II wallet is the first choice in the future, then work hard enough on the features of the II wallet, and make the II increase fast enough, because the current II wallet looks like an antique, and the response is so slow that it is maddening! Can’t bear to spin, spin, spin…

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