DFINITY Marketing Campagne Brainstorming

Provide a grant not only for startups, but also for the migration of companies from Web2. They have their own clients and developed marketing. You just need to pay for their migration.
For example, companies involved in lotteries. I think after the transition they will have advantages over their competitors.

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I am from the business side of things. I find the information very technical, and the answers, even in forums too complicated. I suggest you build a newbie path and more information on real life applications. Place yourself in the mind of the person you want to acknowledge: new developers that dont know the platform, they need to know whats different in ICP to EVM. And business owners like me, what we could build and what are your differences and your advantages. I found you through youtube. If you help me understand who you specifically want to reach, i will give you a more specific answer. You dont need a huge awareness campaign and paying influencers. Help me understand who do you want to reach


Welcome to the forum and this discussion @Marta. Figuring out exactly who Dfinity can reach while keeping it within the bounds of a nonprofit to execute without repercussions will be the hurdle to overcome. Since you are a business owner may I ask what it was that attracted you? Since businesses are obviously something we need to attract as we continue to progress then maybe looking at what attracted you to us would help point us in a direction as to what about the IC appeals to businesses. Then I am sure the group brainstorming here will come up with ideas that may be able to point you toward a more specific marketing approach that you could help us work on.

Here you go: The Internet Computer for Ethereum Developers - Internet Computer Wiki

@Jessie Do you think you can find a place in the docs to make this easier to discover?

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Hello Ser
Is there any possibility of seeing the Foundation attending the Binance Blockchain week this Year?


URL in docs does not work: icapps.xyz

Hire Icp to do a commercial where they say something like “no we are Icp” and dom is like “no, it’s the Icp” and they go back and forth and eat steak

Steak? I was totally expecting you to say chicken tender there. You missed an opportunity. lol

Sorry for taking this off topic for a second everyone. Please resume :wink:

Thanks for the ping, I removed the link and it’s now pointing to ICP Ecosystem | Internet Computer instead

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Hi ser!
Hope this finds you well.
Is there any possibility of seeing the Foundation attending Binance Blockchain Week, this Nov?
If so, please ask them to act fast, as time is ticking to buy tickets👀
I look forward to an answer, as this should be seriously considered.
Dr @Jan Send your thoughts here please🙏

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