DFINITY Foundation Voting Power

I appreciate DFinity for shepherding this platform to where it is today. You mean well for the community, and for that I am eternally grateful.

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October 5, 2022 Update:

Hi folks,

The DFINITY Foundation’s Finance team has updates to this thread:

In August, 2022, DFINITY merged maturity from neurons 2000->2009 with the parent neuron

  1. Total Maturity merged: 1,716,345 ICP
  2. This maturity merging had a direct impact on Total Supply, not on Circulating Supply. This increased Total Supply by 1,716,345 ICP.
  3. This will increase the voting power of DFINITY.

With the merging and locking activities above, DFINITY and ICA has increased its Voting power to 24-23.7% (up from previous 21.72%).

Historical Context

On August 1, 2022, the voting power was 21.37% (Exhibit I).

On September 29, 2022, the voting power was 22.60% (Exhibit II).

On October 2nd, 2022 the Total VP reached 23.66% (23.7%) (Exhibit III)


Why just 2000-2009? I notice that the maturity has not been merged back in for 2010-2055 and the remaining non-dissolved 4xxx neurons?

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I am not sure, let me ping the Finance Team.


Also, is there a reason why the 4xxx-4037 neurons (the neurons that still have > 6 months dissolve delay) don’t vote on governance proposals, but the 2xxx do vote on governance proposals?

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I cannot speak to SPECIFIC neurons, but I can say that in April the Foundation posted they would not vote with full voting power on Governance topics


An increase in circulation indicates an impact on circulating supply, not total supply. What am I missing? Or was it a typo?

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Good catch @Denis . It is a typo. It should read:

This increased Total Circulation Supply by 1,716,345 ICP.

Fixed in the statement.


How is Dfinity using the millions of tokens unlocking every month (from neuron 4020 until neuron 4037 in May 2024)? Are the sold onto the market? Used to pay for expenses?