Inquiry about Governance Principles and Token Holdings in the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) Network

Hello dear team,

As a participant in the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) network, I am keen to understand more about the governance principles guiding decision-making within the network, particularly regarding the influence of token holdings on governance mechanisms.

I’m curious to know why governance voting power is directly tied to the amount of ICP tokens held by participants. While I appreciate that token-based governance can incentivize participation and align incentives, I’m concerned about the potential for governance decisions to be disproportionately influenced by individuals or entities with larger token holdings.

With the goal of decentralization in mind, I would like to inquire about the following:

What is the rationale behind linking governance voting power to the amount of ICP tokens held by participants? How does this approach align with the principles of decentralization, fairness, and inclusivity in governance processes?

Are there any mechanisms in place or under consideration to address concerns related to the concentration of governance power among large token holders? How does the DFINITY Foundation ensure that governance decisions reflect the diverse interests and perspectives of all network participants?

Are there alternative governance models or approaches being explored that could promote broader participation and decentralization in decision-making, beyond basing voting power solely on token holdings?

I appreciate your attention to these questions and your commitment to fostering transparent and inclusive governance within the ICP network. Thank you for your ongoing efforts in advancing decentralized technologies and empowering communities.

The rationale behind linking voting power in governance to the number of ICP tokens held is to ensure stakeholders have skin in the game with long-term staking. This aligns with the principles of decentralization, fairness, and inclusivity in the governance process.