Basic_Bitcoin example app - run out of cycles

Hey there
Getting this error on local dfx replica
Call was rejected:
Request ID: 53e4b54604da0dbb1993b5bf54975f30dc305fb54fd6e829dec3b164f3651076
Reject code: 4
Reject text: IC0501: Canister g4xu7-jiaaa-aaaan-aaaaq-cai is out of cycles
Is there any way we can top up fake cycles to these local canister ??

g4xu7-jiaaa-aaaan-aaaaq-cai this is the default canister that spins when you run dfx start --clean on basic_bitcoin app.


Your wallet canister on the local replica probably still has cycles. You can check with

dfx wallet balance

From there you can deposit cycles into your canister:

dfx canister deposit-cycles 10t g4xu7-jiaaa-aaaan-aaaaq-cai

transfer 10 TC (teracycles).

On local you can use dfx ledger fabricate-cycles, use --help to see how exactly to use it