I can't create frontend: it says "out of cycles" despite I added cycles

I asked this in the middle of another thread. It was unanswered, so I ask it again, as the first message in a thread.

$ dfx deploy --ic --with-cycles 110000000000 frontend
Installing canisters...
Module hash 2ee9c1699a02f78de8f3b76d24c2bba488cb857f14d01a3840043124aaf22358 is already installed.
Module hash 8538716649ea18a3b5ca2a2a04b5e5905ea28e00348ecedb23fd1ffc034e39a3 is already installed.
Installing code for canister frontend, with canister ID i6wid-dyaaa-aaaap-qbqba-cai
Error: Failed while trying to deploy canisters.
Caused by: Failed while trying to deploy canisters.
  Failed while trying to install all canisters.
    Failed to install wasm module to canister 'frontend'.
      Failed during wasm installation call: The replica returned a replica error: reject code CanisterError, reject message Canister installation failed with `Canister i6wid-dyaaa-aaaap-qbqba-cai is out of cycles: requested 80_000_590_000 cycles but the available balance is 9_217_014_000 cycles and the freezing threshold 50_250 cycles`, error code None

I added enough cycles to the frontend using --with-cycles, but it does not work anyway. I even tried to delete frontend canister, in order for it to be recreated with the right amount of cycles, but that didn’t help.