Decentralized memecoin on the ICP blockchain - BABYAROF

Today on 11/11/2023 we plan to provide detailed reports on BABYAROF token status to the ICP community.
What is BABYAROF and what goals does it pursue?
BABYAROF is a meme token with DIP20 standard on the ICP blockchain.
The maximum liquidity of BABYAROF token is 110 million and until now more than 15% of tokens have been burned.
BABYAROF is an anti-inflationary and valuable asset in the ICP blockchain, which can help reduce the inflation of the ICP token with the growth of its transactions.

The fee for transferring this asset between wallets is completely zero.
Thanks to the ICP chain, the transfer speed of this asset is less than 1 second.
Wherever you are in the world, you can convert this asset to ICP in Dex, and with the help of centralized exchanges, convert ICP to common banknotes of the same country.
The transaction and exchange fee in Dex is 3% of BABYAROF token volume. These fees are collected, and if the limit is reached, 1/3 of these fees are burned in each period, and 2/3 of the fees are returned to the holders with the help of the bonus pool.

Let’s see together how BABYAROF token distribution is at this moment!

+37 million BABYAROF tokens locked in the BABYAROF/ICP trading pair pool

+20 million of the BABYAROF token volume is locked in the BABYAROF/COE trading pair pool

+1 million of tokens are locked in the GHOST/BABYAROF trading pair pool

More than 17 million tokens have been burned and more than 15 million BABYAROF tokens have been locked in the claim section of the ICPswap platform.

In general, about 90 million BABYAROF tokens have a clear status that can be checked by anyone.

BABYAROF token has more than 6,000 holders in the ICP blockchain and with the growth of demand, it can bring good profits to chain users.

The control and all liquidity documents of the BABYAROF token have been burned and are visible to the public in the white paper of the decentralization section.

BABYAROF token has had more than 18 thousand transactions so far.

But what are the goals of the BABYAROF token?

  1. BABYAROF Token aims to become a good option to support new projects, one of the BABYAROF team’s goals is to introduce the ICP platform to new people and support new projects on the ICP blockchain.
  2. The second goal of BABYAROF is defined in the form of a cooperation plan with the COE team and it intends to link the first traditional business with the structure of BABYAROF and COE tokens in order to bring profitability to the community to a guaranteed point.
  3. Another goal of BABYAROF is to develop fun games on the ICP chain. In the game development plan, BABYAROF plans to use this way to speed up token burning.
  4. A scheme that is currently running is the BABYAROF lottery scheme, which can inspire new people to use such fun schemes in the chain.

How to manage and make decisions in the BABYAROF community
Thanks to the ICPswap application platform, the BABYAROF project has a voting tool, people who are holders of the project’s NFTs can participate in every decision and have a direct role in the future of the project.

Does the BABYAROF team have any plans for advertising?
A true community driven project never pays a dollar for advertising, we can’t sell team shares to drive down the price and take money out of the chain for advertising purposes… so our focus is on educating the community so we can be community driven. and advertise verbally.

Give more details about the traditional business link!
In this regard, we suggest you refer to another article and read the BABYAROF cooperation plan with the COE project in full.

Development plan of the first traditional business (food coe)

BABYAROF white paper:

Buy BABYAROF token:

BABYAROF token price chart:


I believe in what you are trying to achieve it better the ecosystem and the community as you stay the course :rocket:


We build together and for each other and we will cause the chain to grow further. :100:


I believe a 2% commision of every project backed by baby arof must go to treasury in order to go SNS without using Community Funds.

There have been many red flags about projects like ICX, BoomDAO that took all the icp from SNS.
This lead to complaints about rug pull of CF


Thank you for the good energy you give


It is definitely so, brother


This will definitely not happen to us, the creator of the project is a real person who will face problems if financial laws are not followed, we will definitely act carefully and build the foundation before taking action.

We can’t, but we hope that with our support, COE can enter SNS… In this case, priority will definitely be given to the proposed plan of the community and it will be approved collectively before presenting the plan in another DAO.

The COE development team is willing to do a 5-year lock-up of all their stake in SNS…

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Can you provide more info about the legal prohibitions that do not allow baby arof launch in SNS?

Those info will help community to understand the Baby Arof structure and will explain many things.


In general, to use SNS, the BABYAROF project needs the ICRC-1 token standard, and the BABYAROF token does not intend to change the standard. BABYAROF is completely decentralized and there is no possibility of moving the cash pool…
On the other hand, BABYAROF has already changed its standard once due to computational problems, and repeating the standard change is confusing for the community.
Also, many people who are only long-term holders will be left behind.

Currently, the biggest investors of COE are the same BABYAROF investors who have supported the idea of COE, COE can be the key to the BABYAROF family’s entry into SNS.


You can check how many holders are active by changing the voting power from the number nfts to the number of tokens for just 1 proposal.

If more than 75% of distributed tokens are voting then you can go to the next proposal if community desires to see BabyArof launching on SNS…

SNS will bring real income to the project and DAO governance apart from decentralization…

COE and BabyArof can collaborate but they are different projects with different roadmaps…

Imagine an SNS launch with 50,000 icp soft cap and 150,000 icp max cap for Baby Arof…

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Definitely great… I see what you mean, thanks for your constructive comments.

BABYAROF and COE are two separate projects with two separate roadmaps, and I fully accept this.
But let’s not forget that the creator and ideator of both projects is the same person and has complete and accurate information about the details of both projects.

However, the DIP20 standard cannot use SNS facilities… There are options such as changing the standard or creating a 1.1 pool with the new standard, in both cases we will have challenges that can slow down our progress.

The day when BABYAROF will become the most valuable asset of the DIP20 standard is not far away.
There is a possibility that this issue will be raised in a proposal, BABYAROF will continue to burn tokens forever and burn until the end of the decimal point instead of burning tokens up to 90%. (Probably this suggestion will be welcomed)

COE and BABYAROF… two projects with separate roadmaps, but they are supposed to be complementary and this interaction will be permanent.
Even if BABYAROF enters SNS, this will not change the meme of the foundation of this asset. Big and powerful capitalists consider memes as just entertainment and gambling and have such a mentality.
BABYAROF can remain as a valuable meme symbol with a big slogan, BABYAROF capitalists can enter SNS with a more formal language in COE clothes, and this creates more value.

And finally, regarding your suggestion, we can implement this issue and use token as voting power instead of NFT in a voting and see how many real holders there are, but if we are going to specify the voting power for the amount of assets. , this will convert and sell COE and dump the price in the first place. For such a test, we can consider the voting power for each active wallet to be 1, so as not to cause problems for the validity of the COE. Because COE is really successful in the chart and this issue will add to the credibility of this project in the future.


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I see your concerns and I really understand them.
Snapshot of holders in an exact time will solve partially the problem of converting COE into Baby Arof.

I will need more time to provide a complete suggestion of how you can count active holders.

I dont want to devalue baby arof nfts or coe token price.

Maybe the creation of a DAO governance like BTC flower DAO is better.
In that case, Baby Arof nfts will maintain the voting power but in the same time we need to know these voters how many tokens they hold.

It is very easy to buy 200 Top memecoins and have full control of every vote.

This issue must be solved


The fact that you care and try to help BABYAROF grow is valuable to the entire BABYAROF community, especially the development team, thank you for your comments.


Fyi, we tried to add your token in icpcoins today, but something went wrong - it showed as No1 above BTC. It appears there is something different in the ICPSwap LP canister or it is something related to the DIP20 ledger


Now it is time to implement the test vote to see active users…
Maybe it is a good idea to add babyarof/icp on ICL too


Hello, I hope you are great, we tried to communicate with you today and noticed this comment.
There is an issue, is it possible that it is due to the high volume of liquidity in TVL?

We completely decentralized the BABYAROF token, today it is no longer possible to access the controller and the token structure cannot be changed.

What options may cause such an event? BABYAROF definitely needs to be listed on your platform for more transparency.


We talked to the ICL team, they said they no longer support DIP20 tokens.
And there is an issue, if BABYAROF is going to be listed in any new place, it needs to attract capital to buy from the ICPswap pool, all the liquidity is in the ICPswap pool, and to list in any new place, it must be bought from the ICPswap pool.


We are going to figure out what is wrong and fix it if possible.


Let us know if we can help. Your team always finds and covers the most creative blind spots, thank you for your good team.