BABYAROF financial report in 2024

Happy New Year to the ICP community and the BABYAROF family.
In this report, we will review the status of BABYAROF token in full and we will also provide a report on the status of the road map in the short term.

We entered 2024 and still BABYAROF is one of the most transparent and decentralized ICP blockchain tokens.

When we say decentralized, it means that fair distribution must have been done, it means that the liquidity documents must have been burned, and finally, the token controller must also be in the black hole.
Also, a decentralized token must have transparent conditions for checking the entire volume of liquidity.

The BABYAROF token will further examine all the necessary matters.

We know that the BABYAROF token transfer fee is absolutely zero.
Also, BABYAROF token transaction fee is 3% of the volume of BABYAROF tokens.

We know that at the time of selling BABYAROF, we must keep 3% of the transaction volume in the wallet so that the transaction can be executed correctly, you can never use the maximum limit option to sell BABYAROF tokens.

All transaction fees are stored in the public fund.
When the amount of fees increases, in periodic events, 1/3 of the fees are burned and 2/3 of the fees are returned to the community with the help of the reward pool.

As a completely decentralized memecoin, the BABYAROF token has features that make this token a great way to store value. BABYAROF has an anti-inflationary structure compared to the ICP token.
This makes the BABYAROF token a good support so that new projects can use this token as a valuable support.

The BABYAROF project is trying to cover and value a group of projects on the other side of its border.

In the image below, you can check the necessary items and details of the BABYAROF token

If you check BABYAROF token holders, you will find that more than 100 investors hold an amount with a value of more than 1ICP.

  • More than 15% of BABYAROF tokens burned.
  • There are over 38 million tokens in the ICP/BABYAROF pool.
  • There are over 11 million tokens in the BABYAROF/COE pool.
  • In this picture there are more than 2.8 million BABYAROF tokens in the public wallet.

We will check in more detail below

Next, we are going to check the main liquidity documents.

In the above documents and reports, you can clearly examine all BABYAROF tokens.
What is BABYAROF’s short-term roadmap?

  • The start of a new wave of Twitter promotions and events
  • Burning tokens and creating new short-term reward pools
  • Full distribution of part one lottery NFTs among BABYAROF’s active community
  • Voting and pricing of new lottery NFTs
  • Launching the second round of the lottery
  • Modifying the MLM plan and presenting it to the community with the aim of reaching the voting stage
  • Opening of the first traditional business with the help of the COE project

We invite the ICP community to join us.
We are here to bring the slogan of freedom to the ears of all history.

Freedom for the whole community!


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