BABYAROF status report - memecoin 2024

Article creation date: (2024/28/1)

In this article, we will report the status of the BABYAROF token to the community.
BABYAROF is a completely decentralized token that has an anti-inflationary structure and can affect the reduction of ICP liquidity.
Therefore, we believe that such a token can use ecosystem tools to provide the most reliable reports.
Such reports on the status of the token can be effective in the correct decision-making of the community and add to the values of the token and the project.

BABYAROF/ICP trading pair liquidity pool status

In the image above, we can see that 890 ICP are locked in the main cash pool along with 35 million BABYAROF tokens.

To check the BABYAROF token carefully, we put the data together as a puzzle so that we can finally put these pieces of the puzzle together and reach the right results.

BABYAROF/COE trading pair pool.
More than 10 million BABYAROF tokens are locked as COE token backing.

BABYAROF/GHOST trading pair pool.
More than 400,000 BABYAROF tokens are located as trading pairs of GHOST tokens with EXT standard.

The average of new wallets shows a decrease in demand, but if we see in the next picture…

The picture above shows that more than 700 new wallets have been added to the BABYAROF family in the last month.

In the picture above, we can see that the number of BABYAROF token transactions is still positive in the average of one month, but it is at the lowest level compared to the last 15 days.

We can see the status of the biggest holders.
The most dangerous whale is the wallet project that did not take action to receive the reward pool.

We checked the largest whale wallet, this wallet does not hold any NFTs.
Therefore, it is difficult to recognize the attitude of the owner of this wallet. The community should be aware, this wallet does not belong to the development team. The wallet has a team name.

In the image above we see a list of the largest COE token holders. Large COE token holders can influence BABYAROF price.
The BABYAROF team wallet has reserved the third place for itself.

BABYAROF short-term roadmap

  • Big airdrop event with 44 gifts from Lottery Collection
  • Voting event aimed at pricing second collection lottery NFTs
  • Making the second lottery collection
  • Focusing on community education and organizing educational events
  • Completion and opening of traditional business: FOOF.COE
  • Supporting the ALP project and completing the sale of ALP NFTs

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