SNS DAO legal structure

Hi all,

Has anyone looked into the legal requirements for a public launch of an SNS DAO? Specifically, I have a few questions:

Legal Protection for DAO Members: Is there a need for a legal wrapper to protect the members of the DAO, such as establishing one in the Cayman Islands, Marshall Islands, or Switzerland? Or is this unnecessary because the ICP DAO acts as the legal entity for all SNS proposal DAOs?

Public Token Sales: How do these sales comply with regulations like those from the SEC, MiCA, etc.? Is the ICP DAO legally responsible issuer for the public token sales?

KYC Requirements: What is the current status of KYC? Have ICP holders already undergone KYC through the ICP DAO or DFINITY?

Thanks for your insights!

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Is there a KYC solution we could use for our applications that is recommended?

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I dont think ICP will act as a legal entity for all SNS DAOs. Since we are not using KYC for decentralized sale, it will be a major issue while dong legal. (please correct me if I am wrong)

If we look at this post
it looks like DFINITY already KYC:ed the users of ICP? Can it be viewed that SNS DAOs are within a closed system with already KYC:ed users?

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For everyone else finding this post. It looks like these guys have thought it through and they used a Marshall Islands DAO.

Personally… I’m waiting for the long haul… I think after everyone is done dagginn deir metaphoric nuts across respective tables we might finally see a little somethin somethin… or we might see a whole lotta nutthin… It’s gonna be, “estrada or nada”.