Getting familiar with initializing and decentralizing an SNS

Hi all,

In the run-up to the SNS launch, we are excited to let you know that you are now able to test an SNS decentralization locally. The tutorial is here.

The focus of this tutorial is

  • Make developers familiar with the process of initializing and decentralizing a SNS. In particular, be able to play around with the configuration possibilities in the initialization file.
  • Provide the opportunity to test various boundary conditions.

Disclaimer: The code is still bleeding edge. For example, it is not yet possible to specify the voting reward parameters in the initialization file.

Please check it out and let us know how it goes!

Max & Björn


Hi everyone,
if you plan to get an SNS, you might also be interested in this nice new website that provides you with additional information about DAOs and Tokenomics!

These pages target founders that want to decentralise their dapp as well as DAO communities. They cover for example what (non-technical) aspects should be considered before starting a DAO and background on governance, proposals, neuron etc.

We also work on more developer-targeted pages that explain how to get an SNS and that will build on the tutorial linked above.
In the meantime, we hope this information is already useful for you to get started!

Cheers and have a great weekend!