Custom domains for [Community Consideration]

While IC does not support it, why not? There is no way IC APP scale to general public without a custom domain.

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I recall this was blocked by decentralized TLS certificates (or something like that). Is that still the case? I’m curious what the current state of this is.


Decentralizing boundary nodes needed to decentralize TLS certificates. I see a connection to custom domains, but they are separate goals. That was the state a few weeks ago, but since then the team has been looking at this deeper, let me see if anything has changed



Custom domains have a few prior milestones that need to be met. While we focus on these prereqs the design for custom domains remains fluid.

As per the latest design we don’t need MPC TLS for custom domains. We are working towards a design where end-user can manage their TLS certs using dfinity-provided software.

Reminder: this is still in the design phase and the current focus is on laying down the groundwork for community-maintained NNS-governed boundary nodes first.



Good to hear that this is getting some attention.

FWIW, I think this is the biggest single issue for people like me who just want to user the IC for traditional websites and apps.