Custom domains for [Community Consideration]

Any updates on this?

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I have another question related to custom domains…
What would be with Principals?
Lets say now I have raw domain domain → then custom domain - by logging in with InternetIdentity will I get the same Principal?

No. The Internet Identity cares about the hostname only. If you need to migrate users, you’d probably have to add code to your service that securely correlates old and new principal.


As far as I know, using John’s repo is still the best option. But I will check.


Newbie trying to dive deeper on ic here. If we are a new stack of internet. Is there any future plan to not rely on google and cloudfare?

Why not just integrate Handshake Protocol? And have decentralized tld,s for all.

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What would it take to setup something like on the ic? Decentralized domains on handshake protocol could be easily used imo.

NNS does not have control over the handshake network, which is intolerable

Yes, but why should it have control? Much the same as with bitcoin integration, also no control.
All decentralized naming could be controlled by nns or an sns.

The IC is functionally a superset of Bitcoin and Ethereum. The integrity of the IC can also be guaranteed without them. Decentralized domain names are an integral part of ICs, and I don’t think the community will allow ICs to rely on something we can’t control.

Although they are vanity to an extent, I do believe they will be crucial for mainstream adoption of the ICP. It will provide users of Web2 with the security that they are interacting with a safe website.

Mostly agree, as they are all blockchains.
If decentralized domain names are integral part, let’s see how the IC “Controls” it when Google’s tld .app goes down and takes all IC with it.


how about getting the whole blockchain / some node accredited by the ICANN so maybe some node can mint and sell domain name in the form of NFT?

:clap: I was looking at the use of workers in cloudflare


I share this link which could be interesting on the topic

Cloudflare has a gateway service for distributed networks. For now IPFS and Ethereum why not ICP?

Distributed Web Gateway

Perhaps this is an elementary question, but what is the difference between making a query request to the first URL versus the second?


@yotam, I wonder if you happen to know.


Nothing. Because they point to the same set of servers.

But really, it should always be

Many people probably don’t realize this, but DNS lookup is very slow when the domain was not already in browser cache or some caches along the path. Always open developer console and double check. If you see anything that is not (besides the main domain of the page), there is room for improvement.

Interesting, that’s strange how the docs and other forum posts reference those full domains…