Using a custom Domain Name

Any advice on setting up an IC app so that my domain name appears in the browser rather than the _assets canister ID?

Have tried masking and seemingly every option but every time I navigate to my domain name it successfully redirects to the _assets canister but always displays the canister ID in the browser.

Have also tried multiple domain name providers.

Have a look at this very recent addition to the docs: Custom Domains | Internet Computer Home provided by @Severin


Take a look at icfront for now. Custom domains will show up in an easy-to-use way on the IC as a default feature.

You could look into hosting your frontend via fleek, supports custom domains hosted by the IC, automatically leverages a bunnyCDN network, or bring your own, automated github deployments for a huge number of frameworks. An example of an IC service hosted via fleek is,, and many more

Here’s a DIY example following @Severin 's guide:


I am building a service that allows to point toplevel domains (even second level) directly to Canisters, so that the URL remains in the address bar (see example Thereby only the IP has to be adjusted for the TLD and point to a server.

In addition, there is the possibility to adjust the service worker page (Installing Service Worker…) itself, so that both the favicon and the texts are correct when the domain is linked to social media sites, for example.

If you are interested, feel free to contact me ( The first 10 users can participate in the beta program.

1 Like has in cooperation with teams in DFINITY implemented this. We are working on instructions how to do this for your site, and on more general solutions in the mid-term. See this post that describes the new feature that allows the developer to inform II of alternate origin domains.

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Can you shed some light on this?