Cover V1.5 Release Notes

Howdy Dfinity Developers - today, we’re releasing a new version of Cover that solves some of the major issues facing Cover from it’s alpha release. Additionally, we created an SDK that we intend on being the primary interface for developers looking to integrate Cover into their applications.

First, a little reminder for those who forgot what Cover does:

Cover brings verifiable open sourcing of canisters to the IC by comparing the WASM hash of a deployed canister and a public Github Repo and assigning a status of ‘verified’ to a canister if they match.

What’s new with Cover v1.5?

Cover v1.5 is now production ready and comes with two keystone features. The first, an identity layer to ensure that build submissions can only be made by canister owners. The second, an SDK so that you guys can manage & compose build submissions anyway you want (rather than having to use Cover’s Github action).

That’s all we’ve got for you guys today - we really hope to see people starting to open source their canister code through Cover. We’ve built the application & now it’s in your hands as developers to make sure that Cover verification becomes a de facto part of canister development on the IC.

Anyone that has any feedback to share in the comments about this release or just about Cover in general, is much appreciated!

ps - we’re also working on a cool UI for Cover that should be coming out soon :muscle: