Important: Upcoming changes to principals and wallets

The recent V0.6.16 and V0.6.17 releases of the DFINITY Canister SDK, both of which are available for download but have not been promoted to the latest publicly-available version, include a change to the encoding used to generate principals. This change enhances security and interoperability and supports future features of the Internet Computer but will result in several short-term impacts to developers. Please read the following carefully:

  1. For developers who use DFX_VERSION to access new versions of dfx that have not yet been promoted to “latest,” please refrain from doing so for V0.6.16 or V0.6.17. If you install either of these versions, you will not be able to deploy to the Internet Computer network. Both versions can be used for local development, but you will need to rebuild your canisters.
  2. With this change, you will lose access to the wallet canisters that were created for your old principal ID on the ic network. Because wallets are not currently required to make calls or deploy canisters to the ic network, this change should not affect your ability to continue developing, deploying, and testing canisters locally or on the ic network.
  3. You can still deploy to the network without a wallet canister and using the current publicly-available version of the SDK (V0.6.14) by following the steps in the Network Quick Start.

We will reach out to all of those previously onboarded through the Tungsten and Sodium processes at the beginning of January to advise you on how to obtain your new principal ID, and to provide additional information about changes to the use of wallets. Please note that if you submitted your information through the Sodium onboarding form recently and have not heard back from us, it is due to these recent changes and you will be informed as well in January.

For technical issues or questions related to this change, email [email protected].


Update: V0.6.16 is now compatible and we have promoted it to latest. Please update in order to access the network. Thanks!


Are ICP of testnet and the wallet available?