Release Notes for V0.4.4

Greetings, community!

First and foremost, we would like to thank you for all of the support and constructive feedback we’ve received since the launch of the DFINITY Canister SDK two weeks ago TODAY! Since then, we have been working hard to fix some known issues and add features to improve your development experience. Please find below a summary of changes reflected in V0.4.4. We will be working to get into a cadence with the community for future releases. Stay tuned!

Please note that we are continuing to monitor and address feedback at


  • Wait flag has been removed: Default behavior is now to wait for a response and a new --async option enables you to get a request identifier and check on the results of your request later.
  • Dfx stop to stop dfx if it’s running in the background: It will stop the processes whether the client processes are running in the terminal or the background.
  • Developer can refer to canister by name: Install or call by using the name defined for the canister in the project dfx.json file.
  • Add support for argument to dfx build: Ignored in previous versions.


  • Failed build fixed for MacOS and Linux
  • Updated path in installer
  • Memory leak resolved