Clarity on Dfinity & Self-Sovereign identity

Looking at Dominic’s tweet here:

As a Developer should I expect the IC itself will be providing SSI services? If not, I think this is a critical enough component that I would actually start a serious project here.

For example, one might imagine that in a real version of Dfinity Streams It would be reasonable to enforce that we create a single “stream” canister per user. Creating the canisters costs cycles, but it’s worth it. However, we don’t want to let a fictitious bot come along and create 100s of streams - draining our pool of cycles. Or, maybe the service has a built in token that users can donate to streams. Each new user gets some of these. In this case, we’d need to be sure that users are individual people.

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Hopefully we get a look at this in action tomorrow with some of the projects at TechCrunch for the first time

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I cannot seem to find any more info on SSI for Dfinity. Can anyone else point me in the right direction?


Is the Internet Identity considered SSI?

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I dont know. It might be a first step toward SSI. :man_shrugging: But I do not think it can be classified as SSI.


Have there been any updates on Dfinity SSI?

That tread if you don’t already know it may give you some information:

and also the current implementation: