Can't find my SNS1 ICL trades

Hey folks, in dire need of some help. For the life of me, I can’t seem to find my SNS1 > ICP trades that I performed on ICLighthouse. I even checked but nothing appears when I enter the canister and my principal ID. If anyone can find these trades, I’ll happily reward them in ICP. (I have the transfers, but I can’t link up the amount of ICP that was traded for SNS1 (DKP) so they’re not really helpful)

Principal: fuptq-7hacq-43rnq-odeus-neihg-nnkiq-rhde3-tkztw-olrta-dhowr-wae
Transfers can be seen here: Draggin Karma Points (DKP) Account: fuptq-7hacq-43rnq-odeus-neihg-nnkiq-rhde3-tkztw-olrta-dhowr-wae - ICP Dashboard

Please help, otherwise I’m F’d for taxes if I don’t know how much I purchased these for.