How to I locate a token I have swapped into? It is not showing post swap - don’t see it in claims either?

Sorry no idea where to post this but I see other similar posts - I swapped some Icp for windoge, however I don’t see the windoge post swap and it doesn’t show up in the token claim option

Is there anything I can provide to see what’s happened ?

My principal is sqh7f-zgomj-vj6od-lgdyv-aopod-cydjx-7g346-ysv6m-zaee2-6n6pl-uqe

And it doesn’t show up in the claim list either …

Can someone let me know? I’m getting a bunch of people direct messaging me with what seem like scams that I Nearly fell for

@ICPSwap - could you help please?

By the way I’m getting a lot of dms from people who are directing me to a scam website …

Hours later I can now see the token in my wallet

Is this because someone fixed smth or is ther just a huge delay?

Hi there,

I just saw this. Is it showing up now? What was the delay? I’d like to escalate so folks can look into it to see if anything changed.

Thanks for letting folks know

Also please report scam DMs, either here or DM me. We keep banning them But they keep appearing… may need. To change tactic here…

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Hello Sir,

I have reviewed your records. Sorry for the late.

Your ICP was transferred to the EXE/ICP pool on 2024-06-06 at 4:04:37 PM UTC and 4:09:55 PM UTC. You can check this on the dashboard you provided: Account: 393d157f15d2010399bc021ef77fbfba3c31d10680d051ee51d294d9b5f70a2d - ICP Dashboard

Your transaction records show the times as 4:04:46 PM UTC and 4:10:10 PM UTC. Everything appears to be normal with no delays. Please verify these (local times need to be converted to UTC):

What I think of possible problems is that since this might be your First time trading EXE tokens, you may not have added it to your wallet, which is why the balance is not showing. The UI design is currently working on to make adding tokens with a balance to your wallet more noticeable.

Lastly, as Diego @diegop mentioned, direct messages (DMs) could potentially be scams, so please stay safe. You can join our Telegram group where admins are available to help answer questions (but please note that Admin will not DM you first), or you can get personalized support via email at

Thanks for the replies - are you saying that tokens need to be manually added to the wallet after the swap? I did search for the token but it wasn’t showing in the manual add list

Also I didn’t end up adding them and they ended up showing up after 5 hours or so…

Would be good to understand here as the experience wasn’t very transparent

Also the scammers were quite sophisticated - not the obvious ones you think you’d be able to spot

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Note this was all being done on mobile - maybe the site doesn’t work as well?

You only need to add it once to display the token balance; there’s no need to add it every time.

The UI design feedback, the strong prompt will be live in a few hours or by tomorrow.

Ah maybe I did click that, but the option didn’t seem to be there for a few hours…


Re the scammers - it wasn’t.l clear when they were messaging me that they were direct messages and not public posts like this / the direct messages should have something that distinguishes them

Do you mean distinguishing between DMs and public replies on here forum?

In my experience, DMs are indicated by an envelope icon next to the subject.

Additionally, if you click on your avatar in the top right corner and then click on the private messages button, it will show you the corresponding DMs.

Hope it helps you

Just tried another swap and have the same issue - not seeing the token in my wallet

I had to add it manually even though I had a balance of the same token in my wallet

Why do swaps work in this way? I can see a lot of beginners getting confused that they need to manually add

And the token did not appear as an option to add until a couple of hours later @ICPSwap

Sir, you can add it at any time, no need to wait for hours after swap. As shown in the picture, I created a brand new account and added all SNS tokens.

Could the speed at which the token appears be linked to the size of the transaction because my transactions were definitely not available within minutes? It took a couple of hours before I could see them also which email address can I forward the scammers onto because I’m getting a lot in my direct messages and they look very similar to the official support.

It has nothing to do with Swap; as long as you add it, it will appear in your wallet.

Ok but why do i have to add it at all, are there plans to make this automatic? A beginner wont understand this