How to find ICP meme and SNS token trade information for tax accounting?

The dreaded tax subject again. Have been going through my accounts for the latest tax year and reached a point where I started receiving and being various tokens built on ICP, such as Ghost, and also SNS token like openchat.

At this point I’m plugging in my account details into NFT geek and generating CVS reports. However I’m finding it almost impossible to determine which trades and token sales and purchases without resorting to deep detective work.

Here is a screen shot that represents the issue

There are no details that indicated whether a token was airdropped or if you bought it off a dex
Is there a way to determine the type of transaction and what was paid in ICP?

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Everybody is feeling the same pain in this ecosystem. I dont know how to say it so people at DFINITy start taking this things seriously.
Until people dont fint easy/posible to fill their taxes NOBODY is going to invest on ICP.

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The information must be there somewhere as when you explore activity in plug wallet for example it shows the token purchase transactions.
I can see a way to generate a report though so it would all need to be hand copied out, also doesn’t apply to NNS and stoic wallets

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Its like a ghost town.
I have to reply to my accountant today on how we will account for 100’s of transactions I have no data for.

I’ve heard Gibraltar is nice this time of year…


will I need a cunning disguise?