Cannot increase dissolve delay to 888 years

Hi, Im trying to increase my SNS-1 tokens (soon to be DKP) from 100 years to 888 years. Me and another fellow futurenaut have encountered the same issue…

argument: field additional_dissolve_delay_seconds → Invalid nat32 argument: 24867388800


(2^32) seconds =

136.102208 years

hehe. corner case!

Nat 32 max size: 4,294,967,295

Maybe just set it to 136 years and create a fix it ticket to resolve in a 100 years


no, rick, that may work for the real world but this fantasy world demands 888 years


Then I support a change to additional_dissolve_delay_seconds from nat32 to nat, since we shouldn’t be restricted on a measly 584942417355 (nat64) years.


May be more suitable for ICP and fantasy world by locking ∞ years

seriously though its an actual thing in our game. I need it to be nat64.

I’m trying to align the real world incentives with the fantasy world, sort of awkwardly but it makes sense in my head

Don’t be like Bill Gates and the whole 640k thing.

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lol, IDK, Im more surprised its a nat32

Finally, a forward-thinking developer.

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Fixed-sized number types are so last century, regardless of size. : )

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