Canister user story

I was reading However, I find that I still don’t fully get how Canister works.

On p.18 it says canisters are pre-charged and users don’t need to pay for the computations.

I wonder is there any rate-limit or access control? Or do users need to pay in other form?

Otherwise user can (D)DoS and exhaust canisters, as computations consume “cycles”?

I am guessing there might be rate-limit/access-control/payment-requirement but it really depends on the service provider’s design itself?


Hey @HAOYUatHZ ,
welcome to the forum and great first question!

There will be DDoS protection in place provided by the IC. I expect more information as we hit the Genesis milestone on friday.

Also you as the owner of a cansiter can design access rights to it in any way you want. This might be helpful to get a better picture:


Thanks that’s really helpful!

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