Are Dfinity websites accessible with a standard browser NOW?

OK, so can I get this straight - if I build a website for Dfinity NOW, will it be accessible by a STANDARD browser, with a STANDARD TCP/IP connection on a puter or smartphone, with no additional “pushing or pulling” (such as browser plugins, any “software” having to be downloaded on the client side) needed? If not, will it be after the 30th? ie. the whole thing is just “ready to GO”?

I guess what I’m asking is, is all this stuff going to become an INTERNET standard? Like, the stuff that goes into RFCs and all?

You can access sites on the public testing network via a browser, yes. Somewhere there’s a gateway translating between HTTPS and their ICP protocol.
Currently - at least as far as I’m aware - you can only access your own canisters though. I assume the ability to access other people’s canisters - along with some form of access control - will come with a later release.

You can access any canister with a frontend in a browser if you know its address, the only prerequisite at the moment is that you have Tungsten network access. Some canisters could limit functionality to only authorised callers though.

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Short answer is YES

If your canister has a user interface, then simply go

For the current Tungsten release, these URLs were protected by HTTP basic access authentication.

For the upcoming Sodium release, they are accessible to anyone.


Oh, TIL - I simply assumed access would be limited to the canister’s owner. :sweat_smile:
With this being as it is - is it also possible to call a function in a canister you do not own, or at least a canister you do own but which is part of another project (ie defined in another dfx.json)?

Ok guys, I should tell you that I’m still getting to grips with all this stuff, still not sure exactly what a “canister” is yet, but learning… :slight_smile:

@groovee if you haven’t already, I would highly recommend joining the Sodium launch event next week! We will have a whole segment on canisters, so hopefully many of your questions will be answered :slight_smile: Registration link here:


Oh I’m gonna attend, day after tomorrow! :slight_smile: It’ll just be running late into the night, that’s all…

Btw, is the whole thing gonna be on Youtube? (hope so.)

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@groovee yes, we plan to publish all of the videos in the same way we did for our Tungsten launch event. In case you haven’t seen those yet, check them out here!


Thanks, alexa! :slight_smile:

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The video was skipping so much yesterday, that the whole thing was Unwatchable! :frowning: Could you please put up the Youtube videos ASAP?