Can you please add support for C++?

It would be awesome if you would add a C++ SDK soon too, since that would allow many existing applications to be integrated or ported to Dfinity. And it would open up a whole new world to operating systems and tools. C++ was among the first languages to support WASM btw. The C++ community is very active and creative and eager to embrace something new.


Hi patlecat,
There are some sample projects using C here if you want to experiment with these, the reverse example shows the build process:

Thanks, this is well hidden and sadly the labelling is very misleading. This is just C code, not C++ at all. But for a project like this C++ would be more appropriate actually making it easier and safer to code for it than in C. So please offer a C++ SDK

Yes you’re right, I should edit my comment there. Using C and C++ is a little bit wild west at the moment but it will be worked on, we can flag this for the team.

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@Ori Btw I’m the admin of a big C++ group on fb, if you need/want to post about progress with the C++ SDK then please let me know :nerd_face: