C++ SDK or API - looking for collaborators

Hi all,

I recently succeeded in compiling & deploying a C++ application that includes the standard library AND an external library, the nlohmann/json library.

For this, I am using a patched wasi-sdk compiler, which provides the clang++ compiler and the standard library, plus a home-grown IC API to get messages in/out via Candid.

The patched wasi-sdk is already open source, you can find it here.

But the IC-API, which I call icpp is not yet. It needs a bit more work. I had applied for a small grant to open source that IC API, because I think it can be a good starting point for full fledged C++ support.

My icpp API was reviewed by @roman-kashitsyn, and his feedback was that my approach is not ideal/not scalable, and he proposed an alternative approach to build a C++ SDK instead of an API.

I like to explore both approaches together with others that are interested in this topic, and potentially team up to apply for a grant together.

@domwoe already confirmed that funding would be available and a #cplusplus discord channel was opened.

Hope to see some of you there!