Is there any plan to support Java programming language for SDK?

I know Dfinity SDK has Motoko, rust programming languages etc supported. My question is there any plan to support Java, considering Java is a very popular language? Thanks

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GitHub - seniorjoinu/candid-kt: Lets you write Kotlin apps which interact with the Internet Computer Kotlin one


Didn’t know that, thanks for the link. I am not familiar with Kotlin, but guess it’s one step closer.

Note that candid-kt seems to be for client-side interaction with canisters. If you want to develop Canisters themselves in JAVA, a first requisite is a production-level Java-to-Webassembly compiler. I fear that doesn’t exist yet.


Yeah, I figured it out the other day that it is only for clients. But thanks for pointing it out.

Candid-kt maintainer here.

Yes, candid-kt is a client-side library. Consider it as @dfinity/agent for Kotlin.
We’re currently don’t put any effort into it (it is outdated, and won’t work). I consider updating this library after IC mainnet public launch.

JetBrains (Kotlin lang devs) are very into WASM support implementation, so it looks like one day there may be “Kotlin SDK for IC”.


Thanks for the explanation. Look forward to the Kotlin SDK.

I encountered this list of projects that does the java-to-WebAssembly compiler work:

The project with most stars is not production ready, the last two on the list seems indicate they are production ready, but I haven’t tried them yet, not sure their quality.

Anyway, just FYI.