Can we update existing canisters on IC after upgrading DFX?

Hi all!

I was wondering… Let’s say we’ve developed an app in dfx version 0.8.4 and deployed it.
Then, we’ve upgraded to a newer version and want to continue working on the same app and deploy changes to the running container that was already deployed by version 0.8.4. Is this something that is possible to do and will it cause issues? (ie: is updating dfx to newest version interfere with managing already deployed IC canister that were made in older dfx version)?

as I know, that’s okay. It’s just wasm running in canister, nothing about dfx version in local. At least, I don’t have any issue about upgrade canister between different dfx versions.

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I recommend thinking of it like this;

A version of dfx represents a version of the SDK, and to use a different version of dfx is to use a different version of the SDK, because dfx manages various other components of the SDK.