Can a dapp not running on the IC (e.g. a banking mobile app) make use of internet identity?

“Users can create identity “anchors” to which they assign compatible cryptographically enabled devices, such as the fingerprint sensor on a laptop, the face ID system on a phone, or a portable HSM, such as a YubiKey or Ledger wallet. Thereafter, they can signup and authenticate to any dapp running on the Internet Computer using any of the devices they have assigned to their anchor.” in the documentation for internet identity. Does an application need to be running on the IC to make use of internet identiy? "any dapp running on the Internet Computer ". I there an example dapp that I can refer to?

Internet Identity used in web2 application this thread has all the information on this topic

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Thank you. Can this be used for a mobile app too or just web applications? Also, is this the example app from DFinity or is there another one? Integrating with Internet Identity | Internet Computer Home

I have no idea how to do it, but I see no reason why not.

That’s the best official explanation, but I’m sure there’s more complete examples somewhere on Github