Internet Identity used in web2 application

I try to integrate the Internet - Identity into a web2 application as a further possible login method. If I go through the public examples, the principal ID is always given back to identify the caller.

In my usecase I want to let the user log in with his/her II and after logged in I will redirect the user to his own data stored on the server. So I have to sync the user with some data on the server.

What is the best way to achieve this?

Can I store the principal ID for that user to merge his server side data or is there an other ID which I can use. Some times ago I read about an ID which should be uniq for that user and that particular application.

Thanks for any hints.

Iā€™d say your approach is absolutely correct. Internet Identity will provide the user with a unique principal for your domain.

The principal ID is the correct ID to use. :+1:

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Thank you, that was the info I was looking for.

Finally I was able to build an Angular application with II Authentication. The combination II and Angular Route Guard works also well together.

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